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How to not renounce to coffee flavour, also during summer.

The "belpaese" is famous for its mild temperatures, and mostly for the hot weather during summer. How to face these months of high temperatures? Coffe is an indispensable good, and many of us drink it in very hot version also in august. But fot those who want to drink it in cold version, also at home, we are going to propose our cold coffee recipe. 

For 1 coffee


Goppion Limited Edition coffee 100 g
Brown sugar 50 g
Ice 200 g

Cool down your glass with ice or in your freezer. Then take your freezer and fill it with about 10 ice cubes and mix it with the previoulsly melted brown sugar. Prepare your moka and let it cook slowly, in order to keep intact the coffee aroma. Add your coffe to ice and sugar in the shaker: leaving coffee as the last ingredient will help forming the nice cream on the top of your cold coffee. Once you poured your coffee, close fastly the shaker and shake it vigorously for about 15 seconds. Put on your cold glass a strainer and then pour you coffee: it's finally ready!

[suggested coffee for this recipe: Dolce]