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Espresso. 6 quick tips for recognizing a perfect espresso

When entering a coffee shop, there is nothing more familiar than the noise of the cups and the coffee smell that fills the room. Persistent and homogeneous cream, hazelnut color: the only way to have the certainty of perfect extraction is to check what happens behind the counter. Here are 6 simple tips to find out if the coffee you are drinking has been prepared properly.

1. Count to 5 (seconds); this is the time it takes when the first drop of espresso comes out.

2. Coffee should fall softly into the cup, forming a thin, compact wire.

3. After the first 5 seconds of pre-infusion, the coffee fall time must be about 20-25 seconds.

4. The coffee must be creamy, with a homogeneous and dense surface. The color must be hazel with some streaking red in colour.

5. If your espresso comes with a central hole in the cream, this is a sign that the extraction time has been too long and the coffee needs to be grinded more coarsely.

6. If instead the cream is light beige and with inconsistent cream, this means the coffee is under extracted and needs to be grinded more finely.

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