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Espresso Casa pods

This quality blend is suitable to all espresso machines.

Sweet taste, as well as at the bar. Full-bodied, aromatic and sweet taste. Suitable to all espresso machines. Ideal for the preparation of an...

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pregiato 10 capsules

Blend consisting of 100% carefully-selected Arabica coffees originating from Central and Southern America. Intense and velvety taste with long-lasting bitter cocoa aftertaste.

The caffeine content ...

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Blend of 100% carefully-selected and decaffeinated Arabica coffees in compliance with ISO 9002-certified system. Soft and delicate taste.

The aftertaste is characterized by hints of fresh fruit. Ded...

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Blend with mainly Arabica coffees. Round and full-bodied taste with an intense aftertaste and vanilla notes. Medium/ low caffeine content.

• Compatible with Nespresso® household machines.

Box of 10 c...

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Blend containing fine Arabica coffees with a classic taste and an intense long-lasting fruity aftertaste. Full body and a strong aftertaste.


Low caffeine content.

• Compatible with Nespresso® house...

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Mediterranean Fruit Tea

Mediterranean Fruit Tea
Fruit tea with Mediterranean flavours, featuring a heart of orange and lemon. Contains no theine.
Ingredients: Apple, hibiscus, orange, lemon, lemongrass, aromas, acidifier (t...

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Apple and Raspberry Fruit Tea

A new raspberry and apple fruit tea. Contains no theine.
Ingredients: Apple (71%), hibiscus, aromas, raspberry (2%), acidifier: tartaric acid.

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Forest fruit tea

A blend of hibiscus, apple, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, dog rose, elderberry. Contains no theine.
Ingredients: Forest fruit (78%) (apple, elderberry, dog rose, raspberry, blackberry and stra...

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100% pure chamomile flowers giving this beverage an intense aroma and colour.
Ingredients: Chamomile flowers.

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Corpo del Desiderio Red Tea

Red tea, green tea and hibiscus, with a slight acidic note from different fruit.
Ingredients: Pu Erh Red Tea (53.7%), Green Tea, aromas, Pineapple, hibiscus, Rose, Strawberry.

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